Primers and Pistols and Takedown Rifles

Hard to believe that I am the only dude in the area that is buying shotgun primers went back to Cabela’s this weekend and was surprised to see that they still had a few thousand 209 primers for sale.  Of course, I picked up another brick of 1000 to add to the my supplies. 

The biggest surprise were the Glock 17’s and S&W M&P 9 mm’s they had in stock and available at normal prices.  I am still on the lookout for a Ruger 10/22 Takedown but those are hard to find right now.  One of those and the slick AGP folding stock would be a great little packing rifle, even better if it was the threaded barrel model

It is starting to feel like things are loosening up but then I take a gander at GunBot.net and look at what is available ammo-wise and it is all fairly depressing.  Glad I have what I have, but could always use more.


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Wilson said...

I’m looking for a 10/22 TD too but not having any luck either.