Future PowerBall Winner....

Well, my run of luck at Cabela’s continues.  Stopped by there over the weekend and while waiting with my number to look over something else, saw a guy looking over a new Ruger 10/22 take down.  My eyes lit up and just about everyone else who was close by got a sweaty look on their face and rushed to get a number from the Serving Customer # so-and-so dispenser.  Luckily, I only had to wait 45 minutes for my # to get called and I asked the guy “so, can I look at one of the take down Rugers?”.  He said that the one the guy was looking at was a special order that he had put in a few months ago but he would take a look.  My level of excitement deflated somewhat at that, figuring there were probably about 4,000 people ahead of me on any Ruger 10/22 wait list.

He tried the computer and it wasn’t working right and then he said he would take a look in back (thank you thank you thank you!) and after 10 minutes, here he comes with the short, squat Ruger box!  They had got a pallet of them in and had not had time to bring them out for display I got lucky, being at the right place at the right time - I have one on lay-away now.

As I did the law-away paper work, I saw 4 or 5 more Rugers come out of the back room at customer request.

Also – saw about 4 or 5 guys buy AR’s of one sort or the other while I was there.  They had quite a few out for sale which was surprising.  Prices were still a little inflated, but getting lower. 

Gun rights people always talk about the “Fuds” – those are the guys who only use rifles and side-by-sides for hunting and don’t give a flip about black rifles or pistols of any kind and the stereotype is that they would gladly toss AR owners under the gun control bus.  Well, I actually observed a proto-typical Fud buy an evil black rifle.  He was outfitted in a red and black plaid shirt, high-water jeans, Browning-style field boots, suspenders and seriously, a hat with ear flaps.  Only thing missing was his hunting vest.

He looked at and proceeded to purchase a DPMS 308 outfitted with a tactical scope of some kind.  It took him about 30 seconds to make up his mind on the purchase.  Later on, I saw him with his AR-10 in his shopping cart and a new rifle case and a pile of other stuff.  Good for him.

With my good fortune and steady run of luck at Cabela’s, I did stop at the convenience store on the way home and bought a PowerBall ticket too….heck, you never know.

Hope all is well out there.