Too Long

This whole updating once a month thing is pretty lame and I apologize. 

Lots going on out here – we are busy ‘girding our loins’ as just about anyone who is paying attention is also doing the same.  Putting stuff by, stocking up, being fairly frugal in most all areas.

Sold one of the trucks shown above the red and white Ford.  It went to a young guy at Fort Lewis who had been looking for a 1976 Ford for quite a while.  He was pretty damn excited to buy the truck and didn’t even dicker on the price.  I was sad to see it go, but glad that it is going to someone who has the time to fix it up and restore it as it should be.  Next on the block is the red IH shown up top – need to do a few minor things and get it sold too.  I have passed the age and time in my life where I have time to work on project trucks. 

The money from the Ford and the IH are going into a pot to get something more ‘wash and wear’ ideally an early to mid 1990’s Ford Crew 4x4 with manual transmission, manual windows, etc.  Still hemming and hawing on the gas vs diesel thing, there are pros and cons either way.

My little Saturn commuter shot craps a couple of weeks ago too!  It has needed a $1500 head gasket change for over a year and was still drivable for my 3 mile commute and running errands around town.  I didn’t want to drop $1500 into a $500 car so I pushed it as far as it would go.  It will be sold soon as well with the $ going in to the truck pot.

So, with no wheels, I have been taking the bus to work the past few weeks.  Not too bad of an experience and not too many odd bus people you know what I am talking about – unless I am the odd one! 

I hope everyone is doing well out there.  I stop by every now and then when I get a chance to see what everyone is up and yes, there is definitely an air of anxiousness out there.  Keep your powder dry, keep stocking up and turning those bucks in to tangibles, get your garden starts going.  Take care.


Wilson said...

Thanks for the update Jason. Sometimes blogging just seems like work to me. When that happens I just let it go a while, nothing wrong with that. Sorry about your car. I’ll usually buy an older, low mileage vehicle and then drive it until it quits. When it cost much more to repair than it’s worth - off it goes! Sorry about your trucks too, especially that IH, you don’t see many of them around anymore. But sometimes you just have to move on.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Man, I sure wish I had the time and money to put into that IH.

Good to hear from ya again!

Jason said...

Zach, if you lived closer you could have it!