Did a fairly comprehensive, top-to-bottom inventory of the ammo I have on hand over the past couple of weekends.  I am looking pretty good in most areas and of course, I will always wish I had more, especially if things get bad, or worse.  The prices on some of the most popular cartridges have me rethinking my storage and I may need to get a lockable safe if the shortage continues and the prices continue to rise!!

I think I have mentioned this before, and I was reminded again last weekend as I saw prices on some of the ammo I had stored away  why the heck didn’t I buy more 45 ACP and 9mm when it was $7.99 and $5.99 per 50 back when I could?  Hindsight is 20-20.  I really, really hope we don’t look back fondly at the days when you could purchase a case of .223 for $1000.

I did something this morning that I have never done before though I bought a case of ammo in a caliber I don’t shoot, just because it was available and affordable.  I was surprised it was available as it is a popular cartridge and I have some friends that shoot that caliber so I will keep it on hand in case it becomes necessary to distribute.  I do have a box of surplus mags for that caliber too should have bought something to use them with long ago when it could be had for $399 all day long, not the $1200 - $1500 they are going for right now!

Super crazy prices haven’t hit reloading components yet, as far as I can tell, so stock up on that stuff too before the EPA makes it all illegal.  Pay cash.

Crazy times.


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Wilson said...

I did the same thing recently just to see what calibers I needed to concentrate on. I about cried when I opened up an ammo can and saw the 7.62 NATO I bought in ’99. 1980’s British surplus for $240 a case of 1000; why didn’t I buy all they had I don’t know! Even as recently as 2 years ago I was buying German surplus 7.62 for just over $410 a case delivered. I believe those times are gone for good my friend.