Saw a post over on SayUncle where he discusses the benefits of kefir which I need to check out.  What caught my eye was his statement about the hippies which has come up quite a bit lately around my house and in discussions with my brother.

We (and hopefully you) are spending a lot of time and effort getting prepared for what, we arent sure yet but there is definitely one or two things on the horizon that dont look very promising and we dont want to be caught flat-footed and unprepared.  Part of this getting ready process has us looking at water catchment, expanding our garden, canning, storing food, studying and reading books on edible plants, researching solar panels, dusting off our old Boy Scout skills of working with rope and lashing, looking at land for sale off the beaten path, re-learning how to make lean-tos and other shelters, smoking meat, going over what it takes to make candles, and I have dug out a pile of back issues of Mother Earth Magazine for the articles, etc etc etc. 

Basically, we are learning the back-to-the-earth skills of the 60s and 70s!  We ARE hippies, except this time we have USMC MarPat ILBE main packs and are much, much better armed!