Secure Your F'ING Firearm

More on that toddler shooting in Tacoma mother and boyfriend arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter.  From The News Tribune in Tacoma:

Vita, who has a concealed weapons permit, had been carrying the gun – fully loaded and with a round in the chamber – in his waistband. He placed the weapon, which was equipped with a laser sight, under the passenger seat when he went to pump gas.

Vita told investigators he took the gun from his waistband because his pants were hanging low and because the last time a gas station attendant saw his gun, police were called.

Detectives talked with McIntosh’s family and friends who said Vita had displayed the gun to friends with the children present, showed off the laser beam to Julio and once offered to let the toddler hold the gun before another adult intervened.

The piece of crap parents deserve all they are going to get.



Good Advice from the Bunker

Commander Zero has been on a tear lately his latest is must-read stuff.  Gender Issues in Preparedness

He makes lots of good points and hits the ball out of the park, as he usually does. 

Go read.