Cherry Blossoms and Silver

And just like that POW the cherry blossoms are all out here in the beautiful Northwest!  Hope they stay around for a while usually they get in to full bloom and then we will get a crazy windstorm/rainstorm and there wont be a trace left of the beautiful blossoms.

Following the advice and recommendation of Commander Zero, I have started a small monthly purchase plan with Montana Rarities I had been buying every now and then when I had the $ but the monthly plan is working out great the one area where I save $ is that with the monthly plan, free shipping is included.  If you get ahead a little and have a few more bucks to spend on PMs, any items that you add to your order are shipped for free with your monthly delivery.  Getting it set up was easy and straightforward Mark, the proprietor, has been great to work with and I highly recommend Montana Rarities and suggest you make a visit and check out the Monthly Silver Purchase Plan or if your pockets are deeper, check out the Monthly Gold Purchase Plan.