Rainy Day Guns and Leather

Had fun shooting the pics last week and thought I would shoot a few more.  The 'models' in the photos are a S&W 635 625 Mountain Gun in 45 LC, a Savage 32 ACP (not as nice as Tam's but for a little over $100, I couldn't pass it up, maybe I will get it bead blasted or cerakoted.....), Colt 1908, Springfield MilSpec and a Colt Combat Elite.

All of the gun leather is from Dad. He had great taste in guns and accoutrements.  Hope you like the pics.  I tried using more natural light this time, less flash as John recommended.

Just realized that all the wood grips are Ahrends - I guess I like his stuff!  Smooth where it needs to be smooth and grippy where it needs to be grippy.


Three Babies, Three Weeks

For the third time in as many weeks, a parent being careless about how they secure their firearm has led to the wounding or death of a child.

It started with a horrible accident at a school in Bremerton: a 3rd grader brings a gun to school because he is afraid of bullies, drops his backpack on the classroom table and seriously wounds a classmate.  She is still in the hospital and has gone through 5 surgeries so far to repair the wound from the .45 caliber pistol.  The 3rd grader found the gun unsecured at his parents’ house.  The parents ( and I use that word hesitantly) are now being charged with 3rd degree assault and face up to 5 years in prison  The parents are also being charged with unlawful possession of a firearm because they are felons banned from owning firearms.

The second horrible accident happened north of Seattle in Stanwood.  A 7 year old was shot and killed by her sibling.  The child got the gun out of the glove box of the minivan they were in while their parents a Marysville police office and his wife were outside the car.

The third one just happened Wednesday night.  Parents stopped at the filling station to get gas and the father leaves his pistol in the car while he fills the tank.  The father has a concealed weapons permit but apparently the gun is uncomfortable to wear, or it pinches his waist or who fing knows.  He stashes it under the seat of the car.  His 3 year old, one of two kids in the car, gets out of his car seat, pulls the gun out from under the seat and shoots himself in the head.  I know that there is more to this story but no one is talking about it yet.  Leaving a loaded, unsecured gun in a car is a crime here in Washington State. 

Parents  SECURE YOUR FING GUNS.  If you don’t like the fing holster you are wearing, get one that is fing comfortable or dont fing carry it.  If you need to leave your pistol in the car, pony up 20 or 30 bucks to get a secure locking box to put the fing pistol in.  Is your 3 year old worth $30?  Is having your child traumatized for the rest of their lives because they blew their sisters fing head off worth $30? 

Dont leave your fing guns laying around the house where your kids or their friends can get to them.  If you need to have guns in a couple rooms of your house SECURE THE FING things so your kids dont fing kill themselves or their friends.  Talk to your fing kids about guns and talk to them often about what to do if they see a gun at school, in the park, in a car, in a schoolmates backpack, at the mall or in the fast food bathroom.  As soon as you are able, drill, drill, drill the Daisy 10 Commandments of Firearm Safety into their heads, start them in the backyard with a BB gun and then once they are mature enough, get them out to the range to shoot pistols and rifles and out to the trap field to shoot some clay targets.


Teach them, show them how to be safe with guns and how to have fun with guns.  Teach by example.  Dont be a jackass.

I cannot even begin to imagine what the parents of these children are going through It was and is avoidable.  Dont be a fing jackass secure your firearm when you are not in direct control of it.