A Deal a Day

A new site (to me) that I have been checking on daily is called American Gunfighters.  They list one deal every day, kind of like Woot.com and other sites.  Seems that the deals are fairly decent and you really need to be on the ball to get the good stuff.  Deal today (1/11/2012) is a Pelican Model 1700 long case for $170 bucks or so which is about the going rate on Amazon.  I haven’t bought anything from them yet and am not receiving any compensation for mentioning them, I just think it is a neat idea, appreciate the concept and want to spread the word. 

Update: well I didn't know this but apparently their schtick is to offer just one deal at a time, not one a day.  Pelican deal is over and the current deal is for CAA AR mags.