Not Hot

Hearing from lots of folks around the country about the heat.  103 degrees in Indiana, 107 degrees in Colorado and Utah, 104 degrees in the Midwest, and then add in massive wildfires in Colorado, Utah and other places, etc, etc. etc. 

I remember those hot days growing up in Missouri.  Sweaty, lying on top of the sheets with my face by the window hoping and praying for any kind of breeze to come in with a damp washcloth on the face to try and stay cool.  It was a wonderful day when the attic fan was installed guaranteed breeze!  As soon as I headed off to school the folks got central air.

This morning it was 55 degrees when I left the house and I think it is 60 out there right now with a very light rain.  I am still wearing long sleeve shirts and packing around my gortex jacket June feels just like October/November out here.

I sure wish we could split the difference with those of you suffering from the heat and I am pretty sure you wouldn’t mind sharing.  Send about 20 or 25 degrees our way if you can! My tomatoes would be very grateful.

Dont forget to keep an eye on your pets.



Mom said...

Pbfffttt! I'd share if I could. BTW--I do believe we had air whilst you were living @ home....installed when the porch was added, etc. Not sure of the year, but I think you were still here. But you didn't have it as hard as Gramps. When he was little and they lived in the Northeast area of KC, on very hot nights everyone would take their blankets and go to Cliff Drive park and sleep outside there on the cliff above the river. I recall growing up with the attic fan as the only relief...head down by the window to catch the incoming 'cooler' air. We are spoiled now. Also....the thermometer shows 102 in the shade on the porch. So, again....pbfffttt! to you and your chilly weather.

Helene Burnett said...

Two weeks later here in central Tx the temp won't break 90 today. Rain daily in decreasing amts. since Monday. Selfishly speaking, what joy!

Brigid said...

I watch thunderstorm go north and south of us every week. My little town hasn't seen but about a 45 second shower in the last six weeks. Everything in the yard, planter bushes and garden is dead (no watering, there's a ban on).

Dad said it's been cool. I'm coming out in a few weeks, hope it stays that way as he has no a.c.

Jason said...

Have been back and forth between Western and Eastern Washington a couple of times the past week - 90 + over there and barely touching 70 here. Mom is about ready to go postal with the 100 degree days in Missouri. All the trees are losing thier leaves already, preserving what moisture there is left for the roots. Hope everyone gets some relief soon!!