Had a great weekend with B and L at a YMCA camp.   L is heading out later this summer for a week to stay at the camp and this weekend was the new camper orientation overnighter with parents.

The camp is a wonderful place it has been there for a 100 years and I am kind of envious!  Located on Puget Sound with views of the Olympic Mountains and its own lagoon, canoeing, swimming, archery, rock wall, arts and crafts, super nice cabins with bunk beds and indoor plumbing!  No late night trips to the lollie with a flashlight, hoping that the snakes and spiders are busy doing something else! 

I was quite impressed with her archery skills she put a couple of arrows in the 8 ring and even hit one in the bullseye at 10 yards but she also shot one off in to the woods over the 12 foot high back-stop!  I might have to get her a bow and arrow set to practice with before she heads up there for a week-long stay Every kid was eager to try it, thanks to the influence of Katniss Everdeen!

By far, her favorite thing (and mine too) was canoeing in the 40 acre lagoon.  On Saturday, the three of us went out for about an hour and we went out again Sunday after breakfast.  We paddled around for a bit, exploring the shoreline and then dropped B off at the dock and then L and I spent about 30 minutes paddling around, enjoying the beautiful summer day.  We made some good memories there.

She will have a great time there later this summer.  She will of course suffer some homesickness, but we talked about it so she knows it is coming.  We will send her off with some post cards to mail home, plus we discovered that we can send email to the camp which will then get printed out and sent on to her, so that should help.  I know that when I went to my first summer scout camp, I was in 5th grade but 10 years old and even had my dad there with me and still got homesick!  Back then, the line at the payphone was pretty long in the evenings!

I think this will be a great place for her to start her summer camp experience.  Next year we can find something that is a little more rustic those midnight trips to the lollie with a barely-working flashlight build character you know!


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