Time Traveling

Digging through some old catalogs last night and came across a Cheaper Than Dirt issue from August 2009 and this caught my eye.

I had to rub my eyes and take a 2nd and 3rd look were those magical bullets?  Sterling Silver core?  No this is how much Lake City SS109 was selling for late that summer - $729 for 1000 rounds.you can get the same thing today for $409 from CTD.

I know that a couple of folks have mentioned this Ah, it was two of my favorites -  Commander Zero AND Tam from View from the Porch and I also saw a piece over at SurvivalBlog too - If you are just now freaking out with your pantaloons all in bunch well, Tam says it best:

I am still buying when I see good deals beans, bullets and band-aids and I have ammo and mags for guns I dont own but Tam and the Commander are right we have had years and years to prepare

Things might get better, but more than likely they are going to get worse.

At one of the local Wally Worlds you can buy a new Windham Arms AR-15 M4 clone (link to review) for the same price as that case of August 2009 5.56..just saying.


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Wilson said...

I’ve still got some boxes of Winchester 223 from when I bought my first AR (early 90s), $2.99 for 20 round boxes! That will put a tear in your eye. Yep, it’s coming, now doubt of that, the only question is when will it come back down again, if ever.