Armageddon Book Lovers Club

UPDATE!!  Fitting right in with this post -  John Wilson of WilsonBlog has published his outstanding novel Joshua.  It is gritty, dark and foreboding, is as enjoyable as any post-apocalyptic fiction can be, and is written by a guy who knows guns - that makes a huge difference to me.

If you like any of the books I mention below, you must get a copy.  Available in Kindle and paperback format.  Congratulations John!


This weekend in Portland, we got to spend a couple of hours at Powells Books a true Mecca for book lovers.  I found an old Jim Harrison book of poetry that I didn’t have in my collection so I picked that up and saw a couple other newer Harrison books that I don’t have yet.  I made a note of those for a future purchase.

The most interesting thing was the whole wall of end-of-times, post-apocalyptic, Armageddon-themed books on display next to the coffee shop.  Lots of good ones there, some I haven’t heard of (World Made by Hand and Swan Song).  The selection ranged from Stephen King’s The Stand to Earth Abides, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Lucifer’s Hammer and our own James Wesley, Rawles’ Patriots, right at the top of the display.

Of the 30 or so books they out, I have read about 25 of them. 
Has the shark jumped?  I really doubt it.  The stories are compelling, the different takes on how people react and adapt are intriguing, the contrasts between books written today versus 30 or 40 or 50 or 60(!!!) years ago is almost bittersweet.

Most importantly, they all feed my inner wookie.  I just hope they don’t all become How-To manuals anytime soon.


Wilson said...

Jason thanks for the kind words and links. To even be mentioned alongside those great books is truly an honor.

Mom said...

Thanks for the tip on Wilson's book. Bought it and am more than halfway thru it. Exciting!

Jason said...

Well John, it IS that good! Can't wait to get my copy.