10 Years?

Wow, 10 years ago today I started this site lots of posts since then, lots of changes in my life and all of them for the better.  Back in the Spring of 2002 I was mooning over an ex-girlfriend (isnt that what 98% of blogs are about anyhow?), I was doing a consulting gig for a firm out of San Diego, trying to recover from a layoff, crashing on my brothers futon and living the dream!  Life is much better now. 

Because I have never been very good at getting things posted on a regular basis - this kind of says it all from April 9, 2002:

Well, I should get back to work now, just thought I would throw a little content on to the site for now. I will try and post again tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

I better get back to work.



James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Happy anniversary, my friend!

Brigid said...

Happy blogiversary!

Wilson said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Jason!

Jason said...

Yeah, it is hard to believe. Thanks again for stopping by!

Mom said...

Boy, howdy!.....time flies when you're having fun!

It is hard to believe that it's been ten years. Lots of water over bridges as they say!

Celebrate somehow.