Christmas and the New Year were both very good to our family.  Got to spend time decompressing, taking care of some chores around the house didnt get it all done, but some of it! spent some quality time with the girls and made some new friends.

Hard part about all of it was having Christmas without Dad.  He always loved it so much and would go all out.  As kids and as teenagers, my brother and I were treated pretty damn well by Santa Claus and Santa Claus liked to give firearms!  Those are some of my most cherished possessions and every one of them has great memories and meaning to me.

As an adult, I was able to give Santa and 'Mrs. Claus' a couple of gifts myself and that was such a pleasure after all the years of receiving, it was nice to be in a position of being able to give.  Now that Dad is gone, I have one or two of those firearms in my possession and my brother has one of them too.  Hopefully someday I can pass them on to someone else.

Another thing about Dad at Christmas is that he always loved reading  The Night Before Christmas to us.  There are lots of pictures of us on his lap, or flanking him on the couch.  Even as adults, we would all crowd on the couch to listen to Dad read that story.  This year, I got to read the story to Bs 8 year old and yeah, it was hard.  It brought back lots of great memories and I had to take a few pauses to compose myself but I was able to soldier on through!

This year we also did something that I haven’t done in a long time or maybe not even at all Mom will have to chime in and remind me if my memory is faulty but we loaded up and went to Christmas Mass Service at a local church on Christmas Eve.  It was awfully nice and will become a yearly tradition for us.  I am not much of churchgoer -  I believe in God and Jesus but prefer to pray, contemplate and seek guidance at my own rhythm.

Well, I hope all is well with you and yours out there and that you all have a wonderful year in spite of how things are looking!  Changes are coming, one way or the other and I hope you are taking steps to take care of yourself and the ones you love.  I think I would rather be prepared waaaaay early as opposed to being one minute too late!


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Scott McCray said...

Those Dad memories are the best, aren't they? I got choked a bit just reading yours...
Oh, prepping daily...thanks for the reinforcement!