Kindle Fire

Got my new Kindle Fire a couple of days ago and damn, it is pretty amazing for a $200 device.  When they were first announced, I ordered one for Mom for her birthday this week (Happy Birthday again Mom!) and she ordered one for my birthday last month worked out pretty good for both of us!

One of the things I have noticed is that it is a little odd to go back to my G2 Android phone after using the Fire the G2 seemed like a fairly large device but now it feels tiny in my hands!

Lots of reviews out there, Les Jones has a good one here we have considered getting something like this for the 8 year old but we are going to get her an inexpensive desktop first. 

Couple of little gripes I have about the Fire - I havent found an easy way to adjust the volume it seems like a 4 step process to get to the volume control wish they would have built something in to it to adjust the volume easily.  I wish I could change the size of the icons on the home screen and on the flipper-like carousel they are GIGANTIC and I wish they were about half the size. I set up access to my email accounts and for the life of me, I cant figure out how to delete a bunch of email at the same time seems like the only way is one at a time, grr.

Big likes - Being able to connect my Fire to my G2 wifi hotspot for 4G access.  Absolutely gorgeous screen brought up a couple of movies through Netflix on the Fire and they look great.  Nice to have another device in the house with Pandora need to get some external speakers for use out in the garage on the bench.  I like the bright screen for reading and the ability to change the font and font size while reading.  Digging on the cloud storage thing I have been using that for some time and the Fire makes access seamless. 

I have just barely started using it and I imagine there are many features and capabilities that I haven’t come across yet but I am very, very happy with it highly recommended.

I will retire the 3G Kindle but will load it up with a ton of free “how-to books and pack it away with one the little USB port solar chargers I picked up from Brown Dog Gadgets.




Davy Crockett v Welfare

Take a few minutes to go read this excerpt from The Life of Davy Crockett over at LewRockwell.com.  I saw the link yesterday on my feed from The View From North Central Idaho and it is a must read.

A very powerful piece, written in 1884.