More Books

Brigid did the Portland Marathon on Sunday.  We arranged to meet up at Powell’s Books downtown, a true mecca for book lovers.

L and I hung out in the kids area while waiting for Brigid and read a few books and then we met up in the coffee shop area to relax before the trip home.  I kept telling myself not to look around too much because I already have a stack of books to read that is over a foot high. 

Well, the girls had to use the bathroom before we left so they headed one direction and I headed toward the front door of the main store and happened to pass through the fiction area and the H aisle in particular.

One of my favorite authors is Jim Harrison and I tend to look out for his stuff whenever I am in a book store.  Some of his early books are getting pretty collectable and thanks to Mom and some lucky used book store finds, I have a pretty good start on a complete library of his works, poetry and all.

So..little did I know that he just had a new book come out 10 days ago .and.they had a fine first edition of Sun Dog and a like-new first edition of Woman Lit by Fireflies”….all at very reasonable prices and anyhow, what is a trip to Powells without buying a book or two or three?


One could easily spend an entire weekend at Powells and not see all of it.  Just a fantastic place and it looks like their website is set up pretty darn good now too so you can browse and shop in you PJs from anywhere in the world.  Looking for a first edition Rand “Fountainhead”?  They got one.