Too many books on my bedside table right now if that is even possible.  Just got my copy of Survivors and I am having a hard time resiting it.  New Monster Hunter, couple of new-to-me John Ringo books, about halfway through Castigo Cay at the moment.  Waiting in the wings are some books on raising chickens, knife making, canning, one of the books in the Stirling series and probably one or two zombie books.

I have quite a bit of online reading to get caught up on too - Joshua is wrapped up over at WilsonBlog - that is just a great story and I have really enjoyed reading along with everyone else. 

Over at the Deep Winter blog, author Tom Sherry has been posting chapters from his 4th book in the Deep Winter series - Distance.  The first three books take place in and around Spokane, Washington so it is a pretty engrossing story. 



Has been a while since I posted on here so I thought I better hop back on here.  I have been keeping up with a few blogs out there that tickle my fancy and it seems that everyone is doing well.

The trip back home for Dad's memorial and graveside service was as good as it could be.  Dad had some good friends and it was good to see all of them even though the situation wasn't the best.  Several of my old friends came too - guys that my dad has known since they were kids too, boys who are now men because of the things guys like my dad taught them through Boy Scouts and the shooting sports.

My brother and I are heading back there again in a week to help Mom with some more chores around the place and to help her with moving and shuffling things around. We will be driving back to Washington afterwards and I am looking forward to that road trip with my brother.

As anyone who has lost someone close knows, some days are easier than others.  I have lost track of how many times a day I think of something or see something that I want to tell Dad about.  It hurt like an icepick to the soul up until fairly recently - now it puts a smile on my face because these things will always remind me of Dad - old International Harvester trucks, beautiful side-by-side shotguns, how he appreciated the sheer classic beauty of a 1911 Colt and how he passed that on to his sons, how happy he was when he got to see my pup Sage, and I think of him when I smell my old waxed cotton Barbour jacket and on and on.  He left me with an appreciation of many strange and wonderful things and I will forever be grateful for that.  Thanks Dad.