Did something to my back/hip yesterday and have been sitting on a heating pad all day, taking pain pills and trying to keep stretched out!  Sure is fun getting old!  This is not going to stop me tonight though - L is having a sleepover at a friend's house and we are going out for dinner and to finally see The Hangover 2 - debilitating pain be damned!  I knew there was a reason I kept those old pain pills!

The garden is looking great - everything is coming along fantastically except for the strawberries we tried in the upside down planters.  It could be that they are still getting used to living upside down so I will give them another week or so and see if they catch on.  Our pole beans and snap peas are growing like gangbusters along with the radishes, chard, squash, cukes, etc etc.  So far the pooch has stayed out of things so it appears that scattering hot pepper powder around the garden areas is working.  I am also trying the dish soap/water mix applied via spray bottle to keep the bugs away and that seems to be working too.

Not much else to report!  Need to take a lap around the house and yard and get the back and hip stretched - hope everyone is doing great out there!

Update:  Went to see the doc this morning and she thinks it is a pinched nerve so she gave me some pain killers, a muscle relaxer and some steroid pills.  So, the next day or two should be interesting!  I will stay home from work tomorrow and see how things feel on Tuesday.  Glad that it isn't a slipped or herniated disk!