Ann Barnhardt

If you havent seen them yet, hurry over to Ann Barnhardts site and watch the two YouTube videos she posted as a rebuttal to Senator Lindsey Lizard Grahams expressed desire to curtail our First Amendment rights because Free speech is a great idea, but due to Terry Jones burning a Koran.  Here are the videos:  Part 1 and Part 2   They involve bacon and fire. And the Koran.

Roger Kimball has a great piece on her too.

I Own the World has a great interview with her posted as well.

This mention of G.K. Chestertons quote in the I Own the Worlds interview, “A true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him” is spot on too.

Andrea Shea King has a great audio interview posted at Blog Talk Radio.  2 hours long and worth the listen.



I have been considering advertising a couple of collectable knives for sale for the lowly sum of $4 and $5 each paid for with $1 face value Morgan silver dollars that is. 

So, it wasnt too much of a surprise this morning to see (via link off SurvivalBlog) that Backwoods Home Magazine is now accepting silver coinage for their subscriptions.  Not a bad deal, especially if you paid $6 each for those Morgans.

Is this going to spread?  How soon will I be able to head to the grocery store with a couple of Mercury dimes and pick up milk, eggs and bread like my great grandparents did I know that right now I could swap a shiny stack of Silver Eagles at my local Fun Store for something that goes bang.

Are you ready?  Silver is tickling the $40 mark this morning will we look back with regret on early 2011 like we do at 2003 and say to ourselves, Man, I sure wish I had bought some 90% silver or some Silver Eagles.. 

Every day, I sure wish I had bought more than I did at the time and I am still buying whenever I see a good deal on shipping with a trusted vendor or a seller with solid, positive feedback on eBay.

I have bought from American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX.COM) many times over the years but you have to buy enough to make the shipping worthwhile.  Well, if you have a smart phone, APMEX is running a deal through the end of April the first order you make through your smart phone gets free shipping.  Good deal.  Plus if you register, you could win a Gold Eagle.  They arent paying me to pass this info on, I am just a happy customer.



A Good Cat

There are cats that you avoid and give a wide berth, other cats that dont give a darn that you exist and barely tolerate us, there are good barn cats that keep the vermin population under control and then there are good cats that become part of the family. 

This is a great story about one of the good cats.  Thanks for the post Eric, it brought back memories of some good cats I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with in my life.




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