Massad Ayoob has a great post over at the Backwoods Home Magazine site about his first 1911.  Great story about a great pistol!  It shoots pretty good for a 94 year old!!




I have been using my G2 Android to listen to streaming radio through the built-in browser at work.  It was getting to be a little frustrating because if I wanted to check my email, write a quick blog post or some other task, the browser would close and the audio connection from the streaming radio feed would be severed.

So, today I figured that someone must have come up with a solution to that problem and of course, it only took about 20 seconds to find an app that does exactly what I want.  TuneIn is the app and it works great once downloaded, I could search through a long list of local Seattle stations, select the one I want to listen to and shazam, I am back in business. 

I can now listen to the radio, check email, write a blog entry, etc all at the same time.  If so inclined, you can download the app for just about any device at the TuneIn.com site and it is free.  They also support Google TV, Yahoo TV and Roku.


SurvivalBlog CD

Just a reminder, the deal on the SurvivalBlog Archive CD ends tonight at midnight - $3.99 off the total price which allows you to buy the CD for $19.95 and get free shipping.  Just got my order in.

From SurvivalBlog:

Until midnight on March 31st, Lulu.com is offering a 20% off sale, for any product. That includes the 2005-2010 SurvivalBlog Archive CD-ROM! So if you've been "thinking about it", here is your chance to save $3.99. Order now! To get the 20% discount, enter coupon code "SPLISH305", during checkout.



Online Manuals

A grrrreat resource I think this info has been bouncing around the inter-tubes for a couple of days and I am not sure where I saw it but my gun pimp from Kesselrings sent me the link in an email this morning:

(Just about) Every Gun Manual, Ever. 

A great set of links and probably not cheap to host since we are all linking to the site and folks are downloading and printing this all off so drop a couple of bucks in Steves tip jar if you can.

I said just about because I didnt see any manual for the 1907 Winchester but I sure had fun looking at the manual for the rare-as-unicorn-tears Ruger Trap shotgun.


Time for some good news.....

Senate passes suppressor bill.

From King5.com

The bills sponsor Representative Bryan Blake a Democrat from Aberdeen says a constituent came up with the idea but it was also supported by State Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. “Hollywood Movies have stigmatized the silencers,” say Blake “ they show them as the bad guys guns.” But Representative Blake says they are “Legitimate tools and purchasers will have to go pay $200 and undergo an extensive federal background check.



'It's sneaky, because they figure people won't know'

Hiding food inflation with smaller portions its hitting the mainstream media now, something that we have been noticing for quite some time now

Be responsible, pay attention to whats going on around us, take care of yourself and your family. 

Prepare for the worst, pray for the best.