Magnum Shooter Supply now has Ammo

Saw this over at Mr. Completely's place - his store, Magnum Shooter Supply, besides being the only place I know of where you can buy OKO Red Dots as well as carrying the awesome James Austin Moon Clip Server, is now selling ammo. 

That is great news for those of us in the Pacific Northwest.  Cheap or potentially free shipping if you happen to be at the same shoot as Mr. Completely. 


HB 1016

Washington State HB 1016 (Firearm Suppressor Bill) has been given a do pass recommendation” by the Judiciary Committee and is referred out of the committee

Good stuff.



Joshua - Chapter 8

Chapter 8 of Joshua is up over at WilsonBlog - good stuff!


Ol Remus and the Woodpile Report

How did I miss this site? 

Having a lot of fun catching up on old issues, learning some new stuff and reinforcing my opinion on everything else that keeps me up at night.

Ol Remus and the Woodpile Report


Counting on it

Started an inventory of ammo over the weekend, trying to get a handle on what I have and what I need.  Made some interesting discoveries of items that I had forgotten about over the years, random purchases made on sale items, the occasional odd-ball here and there, etc.  All-in-all, I am doing ok I reckon.

I had forgotten that I had bought a case of 7x57 Mauser years ago to feed the wonderful little Mauser bolt gun my dad built up in a gunsmithing class 35 (?) years ago.  That is one awesome little compact rifle as the barrel was cut down to just over the legal limit and re-blued to a dark, deep, liquid blue like a classic S&W  I should get some pictures of it on here and show that one off.  I know a couple of folks would like it.

Interesting that I have so much  9mm and nothing to consume those rounds might have to do something about that.

Pretty low on 38 Special but I see that several places have it on sale right now so I will remedy that.

I think I have the market cornered on .351 Winchester in this area.good grief.

Found a few full boxes of ooooold Remington 22 Long and Short rimfire ammo that I picked up somewhere.  Quick search online tells me that I could sell each one for $20 - $30 bucks.  Original price on one box is 65 cents.

Need to head to the surplus store this weekend too and get another bakers dozen worth of ammo cans.

Going to do some searching online later tonight to see if anyone has come up with a good spreadsheet to track ammo what does everyone else do?  Just keep a running list and set a threshold that once you have gone below that mark, you re-fill?  I buy when things are on sale and I buy in bulk.  It is also worth it to check the local smaller stores every now and then to see what is on clearance there are a couple of hardware stores in the area that still sell ammo and I have found some smoking hot deals, so good that I always feel a little guilty and like I am getting away with something!

Also saw that Cabelas is having a pretty good sale on their Estate 12 gauge target loads sale price takes it down to 2007, 2008 prices.  Going to get a couple cases this weekend.

Ok, enough typing on the Chiclets-keyboard on my smart phone, fingers are cramping up