SurvivalBlog + New Tool Coming

This is some good news:  JWR over at the great resource SurvivalBlog.com is making available a CD with all of the posts from his blog from 2005 2010 for only about $20.  It isnt available yet but will be in a couple of weeks from his Cafe Press store.

He has recently added an archive of every post to his site, organized by month and by topic and it sounds like this CD will have all that so you can read it offline if the Internet is down.  Kind of a belt-and-suspenders thing.  One is none, two is one.

On a side note, I have been working on a project that I am going to roll out pretty soon that I hope everyone will like.  I dont know about you but I have had a hard time keeping track of all the great sites out there that are just chock full of great prep and survival information everything from bug out bags to junk silver to 12 valve Dodge Diesels to canning to firearm skills and maintenance to boot selection to waterproof gear and on and on and on. 

I have compiled quite a massive collection of this stuff and am going to present it in a easy to digest, easy to sort and search tool that I hope is useful to a lot of folks.

So, check back soon and I will let you know what the site is and where it lives on the inter-tubes.




Just had a really good memory someone around here is eating tuna for lunch and the smell took me back to summer vacation as a kid.

I had a very clear memory of cleaning trout on the dock there was a little sink set up with running water and an area to gut the fish and we had that fish smell on our hands for the whole trip.  Ah, that brings back so many good memories!   

Hope everyone is have a wonderful Valentines Day.