More Joshua

There are a total of 7 chapters of Joshua available on Wilson Blog.  If you like good survival/end of the world type fiction, you should go check it out.

From Chapter 7:

He had to get out of here and now. He had never really prepared for anything like this and why would he have to. He was fine, the city was fine, the country was fine, the world was fine. Never in his worst dreams could he have imagined what was now very much real. 

The circumstances sounds kind of familiar..


Built to Fail

I find it pretty odd that for 23 months, my T-Mobile G1 phone with Android has run like a champ and now, roughly a month away from the end of my two year contract, my phone is starting to flake out.  It hasnt been rooted or jacked and I dont have any oddball apps on it to cause these issues that have just magically appeared.  Going to try a factory reset this weekend and see if that fixes it.

Do they build in obsolescence into these gadgets?  Well, I would imagine that they do.




Things are looking good for the Washington State House Bill 1016 which would align state law with federal law as it applies to firearm sound suppressors.  From the bill report found here:

(In support) A person can own a suppressor in this state but is not allowed to use it.

Suppressors are highly regulated at the federal level. To acquire a suppressor, a person has to

obtain a law enforcement certification, undergo a background check, and pay a transfer tax of

$200. This bill will not have an impact on criminal access to or use of suppressors. It is not

an easy or inexpensive process to legally obtain a suppressor, and because they significantly

increase the length of firearms, they are not a practical choice for criminals.

Hearing loss is a big issue for people using firearms and suppressors can help reduce this

concern. The bill will be a great help to people who are active sport shooters and will also

benefit communities surrounding shooting ranges or hunting areas. It will also help local

suppressor manufacturers who are unable to compete outside of the state because of their

inability to conduct research and development in this state.

Law enforcement officers will also benefit from this bill. Currently law enforcement is

hampered in their ability to engage in meaningful firearms training because of noise issue

and restrictions on the time of day they can shoot. In addition, the inability to use a

suppressor when entering methamphetamine lab situations presents a safety risk if the officer

needs to use a firearm.

It passed the House 88-4