Top Shot

New season of Top Shot starts this week - set your DVR's.

Today on the History Channel, they are a running all of last season's episodes.  I have some errands to run and chores to take care of, otherwise I would stay at home and watch a few.

They have a show on right now called Extreme Marksman - some pretty good shooting!



Burnett HomePlace

Found a great new site via Zack over at The Next Chapter - The Burnett HomePlace. (edited to fix name)

I have got it in my mind that I am going to gather canning materials and start canning vegetables and such this year as well as preparing even more long term food storage for emergency prep purposes and the Burnett's site is right up my alley.

Take a look and add it to your daily reads.




The big blizzard and the shift from OMG Global Warmining!!! to OMG Climate Change!!! had me thinking of a book I read recently Fallen Angels by  Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn.  Fantastic book about the very near future where radical environmentalists have taken over the government, shunned all technology and are living a very luddite-ish life.  The impacts of all the work the luds have done to curb global warming have brought upon an early ice age.  Here is the book summary from Baens site:

One minute the two space Hab astronauts were scoop-diving the atmosphere, the next they'd been shot down over the North Dakota Glacier and were the object of a massive manhunt by the United States government.

That government, dedicated to saving the environment from the evils of technology, had been voted into power because everybody knew that the Green House Effect had to be controlled, whatever the cost. But who would have thought that the cost of ending pollution would include not only total government control of day-to-day life, but the onset of a new Ice Age.

Stranded in the anti-technological heartland of America, paralyzed by Earth's gravity, the "Angels" had no way back to the Space Habs, the last bastions of high technology and intellectual freedom on or over the Earth. But help was on its way, help from the most unlikely sources ....

Fantastic book, highly enjoyable and what is even better is that it is free from Baen Books as a download in just about every format imaginable.



Track What's Going on in Egypt

Update: Not a peep (or a tweet) from the map for quite some time now which means that everything might be shut down there now.