November Already

Holy mackerel, I have a lot of stuff to post about but no time to do it!  I even had a comment and question from Helene that I need to respond to and I havent yet so I am going to do it right now!

I have been reading quite a variety of things lately, lots of Sci-Fi, Survival Fiction and Non-Fiction, a couple of How-to books and I am currently enjoying Monster Hunter Alpha.  Mom set aside a couple of boxes of books too that I brought back home (see below) and still need to go through.

Had a great trip back home to see Mom and Gramps and got to see several of my old high school friends.  Mom and I got a lot of work done out in the garage, cleaning, sorting, tossing and organizing her stuff and Dads stuff.  My brother and I brought quite a few things back with us (we drove back) and we are currently sorting through all of that.

We joked that things could be worse Mom and Dad could have been in to fantasy knives, paintball, velvet Elvis paintings and beanie babies!  As it is, they both have great taste in firearms, books, knives, clothing, footwear, gun leather, etc.  One of these days I will post some gun porn that will just make your mouth water!

I had an invite from Mike over at Crucis’ Court to go sling some lead downrange while I was back, but we didnt have the time next time I am back, we will take Mom out and head to the club with Mike and grab some BBQ while we are at it.

Well, I need to get back at it.  Hope all is well with you and yours!


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Crucis said...

Just let me know...indoor or outdoor range. :-)

We "may" have had our first snow last night. If so, it was gone come sunup. I still need to exercise my Colt Commander though.