Too many books on my bedside table right now if that is even possible.  Just got my copy of Survivors and I am having a hard time resiting it.  New Monster Hunter, couple of new-to-me John Ringo books, about halfway through Castigo Cay at the moment.  Waiting in the wings are some books on raising chickens, knife making, canning, one of the books in the Stirling series and probably one or two zombie books.

I have quite a bit of online reading to get caught up on too - Joshua is wrapped up over at WilsonBlog - that is just a great story and I have really enjoyed reading along with everyone else. 

Over at the Deep Winter blog, author Tom Sherry has been posting chapters from his 4th book in the Deep Winter series - Distance.  The first three books take place in and around Spokane, Washington so it is a pretty engrossing story. 



North said...

I can completely relate to that. I have more books than time by a huge amount.

I added you to the Gun Blog Black List, btw.

Wilson said...

I just got Survivors today but I have three others ahead of it. I'm seriously tempted to move it up in line!

Jason said...

Thanks for the addition tot he GBBL - I will proudly add a link and work hard to maintain my membership!

- I couldn't resist and read the first chapter of Survivors last night....