Old Truck Ranch

New post over at the Old Truck Ranch.  This one is a real beauty a 1956 ¾ ton IH 4x4 with a dump bed and a winch
Worst thing (or best, depending on your perspective) is that it lives about a mile from my house.  The pictures of it just dont do it any justice, it is a fantastic truck and if it werent for the two project trucks I already have, this one would be in my driveway.

It has been a while since I posted over there so I will be sure to keep my eyes open for some new material.


Wilson said...

That is a cool old truck! I didn’t know you had another site. You have any more?

Jason said...

I drove past it again today, I feel like I am stalking it!

That is the only other site I have up right now - working on another one with all the prep, survival, etc. links, tools, sites, etc that I have collected over the years. Hopefully it will be ready to go soon!