Falling Skies

Finally got to sit down and watch the premier episode of the new series Falling Skies last night.  Looks pretty good so far and you just have to like a show that has a character say that is a mag, not a clip.

For those of us that enjoyed V and The Event, both of which appear to have been canceled, we can just pretend that Falling Skies is a continuation of those stories, told 6 months after the lizards from V and the who-knows-whats from The Event attack earth!!



HkMix said...

I enjoyed the first couple of episodes. Your comments about V and The event getting canceled make me not want to get hooked too much yet.

Linoge said...

*sigh* Do not even get me started... I will preface this by saying that I will probably continue to watch it, simply because there is nothing else on at the moment; however...

Moving in the daylight without any regard to cover, tracks, or heat signatures?

Spreading 200 people over a gorramed square mile, and then saying it was because they might need to pack up and leave "quickly"?

Idiotic delineation between "soldier" and "civilian"? (Hint: The world has been invaded. The species has been decimated. Anyone who can hold a gun and shoot it relatively accurately is a soldier.)

Airborne spacecraft that can pick out the heat signature of a tiny-assed flare, but ignore the people and engine block around it?

Having to "get close" to kill the aliens, when "get close" seems to consist of "aim carefully"?

Apparently establishing a base of operations at a school house, which, with all of its windows, lack of onboard power or water, and consolidated mass of humans, will never be noticed and be easily defendable?

*headdesk* I went into this show not expecting a whole lot, which is just as well... because that is exactly what I got.

Jason said...

Oh, I hear you! It's got a bit of Battlestar Gallactica vibe going on with the citizen/soldier thing and yes, I was wondering why they are running around in the daylight. Seems like the answer to their problems would be a rack of 308's with good scopes! Another new episode on tonight so hopefully it will get better. With Dale Dye around, seems like they would have gotten closer on military tactics and strategy.