Busy and I have been slacking off on posting here!

Got almost all of the garden in we are doing a combination of raised beds and container gardening this year.  Lots of carrots, cilantro, rosemary, mint, radishes, Walla Walla sweet onions, tomatoes, strawberries, squash, zucchini, cucumber, kale, etc.  Still have a handful of things to get in the ground, but should be able to wrap that up this coming weekend the weather is supposed to be in the mid-70s a virtual heat wave!  It has been pretty cool out here and we have been covering the tomatoes at night as it is getting in to the low 40s.  The temps in the 70s will have people in flip-flops and tank tops, heading to the various beaches and outdoor water parks!

We have also signed up for a local community supported agriculture program through work so starting later in the month, we will get weekly deliveries of quite a variety of things.  There is no danger of us not getting enough veggies and other fresh produce in our diets, that is for sure.

Ok, back at it for me.  Hope all is well out there.



Wilson said...

Glad you’re back, sounds like you’ve been busy. Sorry to hear about your “heat wave,” supposed to be a high of 96 here today!

Helene Burnett said...

"Heat Wave" indeed! We'll break 100 today. Sounds like you have a wonderful garden, but where are your jalapenos?

Good to see you back! I was wondering where you'd gone to.

Two batches of jam done, three more batches this week to do. Watering daily to fight the heat.

Have you canned anything yet?

Jason said...

Weather has been updated - supposed to be 80 on Sunday! I reckon I can finally put the winter coat away!

Lots of peppers this year too - just forgot to mention them!

We have a pretty short growing season up here so the canning will start taking place once the farm shares start rolling in, the fresh stuff shows up at the Farmer's Market and the garden finally produces later in the year.

Noticed that our Swiss Chard and radishes that we just planted a week ago are already germinating and are poking through the soil.viarynte