Got to see the KC Chiefs play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  Had a great time start to finish.  We took the train from Tacoma to the stadium in Seattle which is a slick way to get to the game.  Ran in to quite a few KC fans on the train which was a relief as I was worried about getting guff from the Seahawks fans!

Weather was great a little cool but at least it wasnt raining.  Ran in to the brother of a college buddy while waiting in line for a hot dog and my mind is still spinning, trying to comprehend the chances of that happening 20 years after college, 2000 miles from home in a crowd of 70,000 people!

I am liking the palindrome-esqe scores the Chiefs have put up the past two weeks:  31-13 and 42-24!  Hope they can keep that up on the winning side of things.  Next week are the dreaded Broncos (*spit*) and then the Chargers again.

Go Chiefs!