Winchester 1892 Trapper Take-down

While I am in lever-gun mode, thought I would toss up a post on another 'want'.  Saw one of these out at Cabela's last week in 44 magnum and promptly came home to see if it is made in 45 LC too and oh yeah, it surely is!  What a neat, handy rifle that can be taken down in to a couple of relatively small pieces for travel.  The Winchester 1892 Trapper Takedown:

This picture does not do it justice and you need to hold it to understand.  That is a heavy octagon barrel with a very good deep blue finish on it and who doesn't love that gorgeous crescent butt plate!  Looks like it was a Shot Show special this previous year so it may be hard to find one but heck, the search is half the fun.

Update:  Good fricking grief - 10 seconds after posting this and going on about how hard they are to find, I click over to the Cabela's Gun Room and guess what the first rifle listed is under Winchester? BUT, it is a 20 inch gun....guess that might work in a pinch...price is a little rich for me though.



Rossi Ranch Hand

Over at The Firearm Blog comes news that you can now buy a Rossi Ranch Hand.  Gonna have to get one of those and the prices aren't that bad.  Local Gun Pimp has them at $419 and a quick search online shows them at $380 - $390 at a lot of places.  I will have to save my allowance for a few months or trade off something if I want to get one quicker.  Not a big fan of the large loop so might have to swap that out.  Otherwise, that would be a heck of a lot of fun to shoot and I bet it can handle hot 45 LC Corbon pretty easily.  Would be great to see this rifle in .454 Casull too.




Commander Zero over at the always excellent Notes from the Bunker posts some old but helpful links.  How to replace the damn cross bolt safety abomination on Marlins, ALICE pack manual in PDF and some other good ones.


Belt Up!

Over at The Next Chapter, Zach has alerted me to a fantastic product - a stout, handcrafted belt offered for sale through Michael's Custom Holsters.  Now that is what I am talking about!  Nice belt and a helluva deal.


Be Prepared

Pretty good reminders over the past couple of days here to BE PREPARED! 

HUGE windstorm came through here Monday night that came in unexpectedly and there are still 10s of thousands of people without power today, Wednesday.  Just read that a local grocery store was without power for 16 hours and lost a huge amount on inventory.  I was at Wal-Mart doing the weekly grocery shopping when the power went out but only for a few seconds.  I made my way to the checkout and heard that the entire store was on a diesel backup generator.  Think about that and imagine the size of that generator.puts out enough power to keep a mega-Wal-Mart going.  Made my way back home with every street light out and every neighborhood dark for 5 miles.  Our little neighborhood was just fine though and we had only lost power for a few minutes.  We were prepared though and could have handled a loss of power for quite some time, unlike a lot of folks around here.

Tuesday was another wake up call for all of us up here in the beautiful Northwest as a 4.2 quake shook our building like it was made of Jell-O.  No damage, just some rattled nerves but it is just a matter of time before we get another big one up here that takes out buildings, bridges and other structures.  We have a plan in place for that as well but we are in the minority.  We have out of state contacts, we have a couple of meet-up locations, we have enough gear and supplies in our cars to hunker in place for a couple of days, we have the tools in our vehicles to safely make the journey to our home once the dust has settled.  We the means to protect our family and our property on the journey and at home.  There are still a few things we need to add and some additional skills to learn, but we are better prepared than probably 99% of the folks out there.  Dont count on the government to help you.

Lastly here at work our storage area network shot craps.  We lost 3 of the 4 network drives that we depend on to do our daily business 4 or 5 terabytes of data.  Additionally, our email server spun out of control, taking the Exchange server down for two days and it is still flaky.  The network drives are slowly being restored but it is a multi-day process and the server guys are still hunkered around their workstations trying to troubleshoot the email issues.  The lesson here?  Have your important documents backed up on a USB drive that is synched with the file server, keep a list of your most important contacts in a format that you can get to if the servers go down dust off that Rolodex or keep them in a spreadsheet on your USB drive.  As an IT professional, be prepared to deal with some unhappy folks but over communicate to the point of being annoying and make sure to under promise and over deliver nothing worse than making the rounds and telling everyone that no, the server isnt up yet like we promised, it will be another 2 hours.

I am sure there are many more lessons to be learned regarding all three of these events and we still have lots to do personally, but we have lists (look for link to Lists of Lists on left hand side of SurvivalBlog) and we are working our way through them as we can, adding gear, supplies, food and other things to our kit as we can.  Lots of good info out there and one of the most useful things we have found is a 24-Week Preparedness Calendar that the Thurston County Emergency Management bunch has put together which lets us spread the purchases out over a time period and budget for what we need.  Lots of good resources and links at that page.



30 cent solution

I am not a big fan of the death penalty but this could have been solved for about 30 cents.

State of Washington spends nearly $98K for execution