Winchester 1907

Great looking Winchester 1907 over at The Firearm Blog.  That is a pretty awesome looking rifle!  I like the idea of the shorter barrel with flash hider/comp and I need to track down some of the 10 round mags for mine.  I have a pretty good stock pile of ammo for the gun and brass can be formed from .223 brass if I remember correctly.  Go check out the other photos and information about the rifle at the fantastic Firearm Blog.



I have another birthday under my belt and it is a big one!  Turned 45 on Tuesday and I had an incredible day surrounded by friends and family.  Spent a little birthday money today at Cabela's in fact!

Hope all is well out there, have a great weekend.



This Day in History.....

The Statue of Liberty was dedicated.  Fascinating Wikipedia article on the history of the statue and make sure to click over to the Bing.com page to see the beautiful picture they are displaying today on their search page.