I'll Take One of Each

Ithaca shotguns - scroll down to take a look at that trap model and the 28 gauge, gorgeous.  I followed a link about the potential of a 1911 from Ithaca on a new site that I added the other day called Maddened Fowl.  Lots of great posts and it has become a daily read.

Lots of great memories associated with my Ithaca M37.  It was my great grandfather's shotgun and my grandfather loaned it to me when I got interested in shooting trap in high school.  It was the gun I shot my first 25 straight with at Elliot's Trap Range and then Gramps and Granny gave it to me when I got my Eagle Scout.  I took quite a few pheasant and quail with it while hunting with college buddies in Iowa and Nebraska.  I think I will get the Ithaca out today and give her a good wiping down and work that glass-smooth action, it is a beautiful sound.



Monster Hunter Vendetta

Congratulations to Larry Correia, author of the fantastic Monster Hunter International and the new Monster Hunter Vendetta for making the New York Times Best Selling list.  If you haven't read his books, you are missing out - great stories and characters written by a man who knows his weapons and to me, that is a big deal.  Case in point - the book I am currently reading that keeps referring to a Colt 45 Magnum pistol.....sigh.

Update:  Confirming the fact that Mr. Correia is 'one of us', Massad Ayoob reviews the new Monster Hunter Vendetta over at Backwoods Home Magazine's site.