There just isn't enough time.  Having a good day out here, busy getting ready for Brigid's folks and sister to arrive in about an hour or so.  Tomorrow is B's 40th birthday and it is great that her family is coming over from Spokane. 

Cool and rainy over here today, spent a lot of time cleaning the house and running errands.  Put on a pot roast this morning in the crock pot and it is smelling damn good right now!  Got the green beans ready to go as soon as everyone gets here and gets settled in.

Well, I have caught my breath and need to get back at it - got a couple more little things to do before the visitors arrive.

Take care



90 Years

My grandfather is 90 years old today!  A BIG Happy Birthday to him.  I have some pics I want to post later of Gramps and will do that when I am not typing on a little Chiclets-sized keyboard!

Happy Birthday Gramps!


Here are a couple of pics that I wanted to get posted up - more tomorrow!  These are two of my favorites.
Gramps, Granny and Mom as a little girl

Gramps, Mom and Granddad - 1952