Well Said

Happy Peace Through Victory Day, by Michael Graham, via Instapundit


Hoppe's #9 Air Freshener

Via email from Dad: Hoppe's Introduces Air Freshener With No. 9 Fragrance

Best news I have heard in a long time!



Suck it up

When vacuums are outlawed, only outlaws will have vacuums..



Old Truck Ranch

I started something new tonight about something old. I have been collecting old truck pictures for a long time and I thought, heck, might as well start posting them! So, I present to you The Old Truck Ranch - I can't buy 'em all (would if I could) so I will toss up a picture or two every now and then of a neat old truck or rig that catches my fancy.

Pics up right now are just from tonight's perusal of CraigsList, I have a bunch more that I will post later on.

Hope all is well!