.380 Ammo Contest

The Firearms Blog just turned 3 years old and is having a contest to win 1000 rounds of 380 ammo from Lucky Gunner. Heck, I don't even have a .380 but might have to get one if I win! I see though that if you don't want 1000 rounds of .380, Lucky Gunner will provide the winner with a gift card to use as they wish. Sweet.

This post is my entry to the contest - if you want to enter, head over to the Firearms Blog and read the rules. Bloggers can enter by using Twitter or FaceBook also.


On vacation this week - had planned to take a trip to Montana but we decided to stay home and apply the money to savings and some other items. I still took the days off so I am taking care of some chores around the house, primarily straightening up the garage and my office. Both look like a giant bomb went off - contents of the bombs are books, ammo, accessories, knives, clothes, etc. Majority of clothes are going to Goodwill - some large man out there will be happy with his new duds that are too big for me now.

Weather here has been fantastic this week, couldn't ask for better.

Hope all is well out there in Blogopolis!