New Shooter

Not enough time to put a thorough post up tonight but I wanted to get a few pictures up of a new shooter.
Brigid with the 10/22 (started her off with my old Stevens 22 but she likes the 10/22 a lot more)

Brigid trying the AR with the CMMG conversion.

New (very happy) shooter!

And one of my bro with the AR (he is definitely not a new shooter)

And yes, I am pleased as punch! The best part of the whole day was listening to her tell her sister and brother-in-law all about it and how much fun she had.



Memorial Day 2010

Hope all is well out there and that you are able to spend time with your loved ones or friends on this Memorial Day.

My thoughts are with the men and women who have given all so that we can enjoy this freedom.

Spent yesterday with Brigid and my brother Dan at the Evergreen Sportsman Club pistol and rifle range. Had a great time and will post a "New Shooter!" post later today or tomorrow. Brigid did great and even better yet, she had a great time. I didn't get much shooting in myself but I truly had a great time showing her how to shoot the single shot 22, the 10/22 and my AR with the CMMG 22 conversion (which ran smooth like butter).

Take care