Having a great weekend up here so far. Took the munchkin up to Anacortes yesterday to take the ferry to the San Juan's to spend the weekend with her dad and his folks. While we were up in that area, we swung over to Alger and hit Kesselring's Gun Store. It has been there since '47 and is one of my favorite places. It was the first NW gun store I visited after I moved out here in 1993 from Missouri.

We called ahead and my gun pimp Bob was working so we got to catch up with him and hear about his son and grandkids. Kind of crazy since I met Bob 17 years ago and his son was 14 at the time!

Was shocked to see bags of lead shot selling for $35/bag. I have been hauling around a couple hundred pounds of #7 and #8 shot that I bought years ago for $13 - $15 a bag. One of those things (like Smith and Wessons, Colts, Winchesters, etc) that I wish I would have bought more of. Same goes for any caliber of ammo you can think of - I used to buy boxes of 50 9mm and 45 ACP at Kesslering's for $6.95 and $8.95 a box. I still have a couple of cases of each but jimminy fricking christmas, I wish my other investments had done as well. I saw a "new" S&W Model 18 up there with the ridiculous lock and a price tag of $850 bucks - kind of had the same reaction that Tam had.

It was good to see Bob and we are making plans to head back up there in July and to take some heaters along with us for some plinking. I am hoping that Brigid can buy her first gun from Bob, that would be just about perfect. Don't tell Louisa but I am going to pick up a Cricket for her from Kesselring's too.

Alrighty, need to hop off here and get the front yard mowed while the sun is shining!

Hope all is well out there.