Dale Peterson for Ag Commish in Alabama

He's got my vote:



My God our president is full of crap. Listening to him right now and it is a surreal experience. What planet does he live on?

Home with a stomach bug today, getting caught up on emails, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. etc. Plan on tackling a few hours of DVR'd shows too so I can free up some space on the drive.

And here comes President Calderon - that guy can kiss my butt. Ugh.

Made it out to Cabela's last week and as I swept my eyes over the used pistol counter, my eyes were immediately drawn to a familiar shape - a S&W Model 19-5 2.5". Did you know that Cabela's has a lay-away program ? Well, I know all about it now. There is something about that 2.5" K frame that has always been desirable to me - compact, stout, built to last and it fills my hand perfectly. It's not Jordan's ideal 4" gun, but it is one that I have always wanted. Someone had this one refinished sometime in the past and it is a nice matte finish now which is fine by me. This is a solid tool that will see some use and if it was a flawless, deeply blued example, I would be hesitant to shoot it. It has some Pachmayrs on it right now but eventually I will track down some wood combat grips or slap a pair of Spegels on it.

Ok, I better get off of here - the prez is spurting BS from all orifices right now and I just need change the channel and relax! Hope all is well out there!