Dog Killers

Came across this story a day or two ago and it has taken me a while to write this without every other word in my post being F&%#!

Security firm's bomb-sniffing canines found in poor health, three dead

The task probably seemed innocuous enough when a small team of U.S. Navy personnel accepted it last fall. They would trek out to a private security contractor in Chicago to pick up 49 dogs, then transport them to a nearby military base.

But what they found when they arrived was shocking, according to internal Navy e-mails: dirty, weak animals so thin that their ribs and hip bones jutted out.


Don't read the rest or look at the pictures if you don't want to get red-hot pissed off at the pieces of crap that did this to these service dogs. The rest of the story regarding the Navy, the contractor, sub-contractor and staff from the kennel passing blame, trying to cover it up, the lack of oversight and wasting money will make you just as sick.

Of course, they say it was all a big misunderstanding and the sub-contractors are trying to recover the balance of their multi-million dollar contract.

So, listening to the radio this morning and I hear that the same dog killing firm has been hired to replace the infamous "security" firm from the Seattle tunnel beating story that was all over the news - the guards who were recorded on video standing around as a girl was beaten and kicked by four or five other kids.

Smooth move Seattle.




There goes the paycheck...

Via Captain Zero and his Notes From the Bunker, I found the Army Gear website

Too much good stuff on there so I will have to regulate myself.  They have a helluva deal on Molle packs, leather and hot weather boots going on right now.