All Decked Out

While strolling through Cabela's today, I realized that everything I had on, except for my boxers, was from Cabela's. Shirt, pants, socks. boots.



Rube Goldberg

Via Walls of the City, I just watched the Rube Goldberg-inspired video for Ok Go's "This Too Shall Pass". Incredible! Follow the link to his place to watch the linked YouTube video.

If you are interested in how they did it and synchronized it with the music, there is an article over at Wired.com.

Yeah - lots of posts today from me - lots of interesting things going on!



Must Read

Doctor Zero via Instapundit:

Twenty-five years ago, a little after sunrise on a Monday morning, the front door of my house was kicked in by a man who had blown his mind with crack cocaine. He marched my family upstairs at gunpoint. When I reached the top of the stairs and turned around, he put the gun in my forehead and pulled the trigger.


Sad Day in the NW

Via Joe I found out that Gene Porter, owner/operator of Dixies BBQ in Bellevue passed away on Sunday.

I had his BBQ many times over the years and it was well worth the trip to his converted auto shop in Bellevue. Yes, I tried The Man hot sauce and it was powerfully good. He would wander amongst the customers with his little 4 sauce pan full of that smoky hot sauce and place a drop or two on your sandwich if you had the courage. His smoked beef and ham were the closest I found out here to the great BBQ of Kansas City that I grew up with.

I always imagined that he started with a 2 gallon kettle of hot BBQ sauce and cooked and simmered it down over a months time to that wonderfully hot smoky elixir that just barely covered the bottom of that little sauce pan! And yes, he would use a toothpick to serve it up I imagine the sauce would eat through a regular spoon over time. Toothpicks are cheap.

There was no dilly-dallying while you were placing your order either. His daughter LJ would give you one dismissive glance and that was your only chance to spurt out what you wanted and if you hesitated, she was on to the next customer you had to be quick and you had to know what you wanted. Damn good cornbread too.

The place wasnt one of those old converted gas stations with interesting knick-knacks from days gone by Route 66 signs, old Texaco gas pumps or miniature 1940s truck models on shelves it was simply Mr. Porters old auto repair shop that just happened to have picnic tables in the car bays, a smoker out back and a cafeteria-style food line in the front office area.

Mr. Porter will be missed. They are eating good in heaven today!



Warning: PSH ahead...

Not even sure where to start on this guy....More Stupid Outdoor Products

Obviously this outdoors writer needs to clean the poop out of his drawers and clickity-click over to Franks place (aka dreg of society/off-center paranoid survivalist) or do a little Google research and reading on feral hog hunting . There are only about 172,000 search results for night hog hunting on Google and only 1,700,000 for feral hog hunting so I understand how difficult the research might be.

Best lines from the article.

Who, in Gods name, needs a scope that will allow them to hit a target at 100 yards in pitch darkness? Only the dregs of society, thats who!


In truth, only international and domestic terrorists, drug cartels, career criminals, and a handful of off-center paranoid survivalists would have a use for this ill-conceived product.

And this guy is supposed to be the outdoors writer for the paper in a very rural, very conservative county in Washington state. I bet dollars to donuts that this pansy is an import from California.