Scott heard 'round the world

Best $50 I ever spent. Congratulations to Senator Scott Brown.



Checking In

Enjoying a lazy Sunday, watching the Vikes beat up on the Cowboys. Still another quarter to go, but I think the Vikes are just going to run the ball and run the clock down.

Have had a great weekend. Have made two trips out to Cabela's so far and any weekend that involves trips to Cabela's is a success in my book. I have been shopping for some good boots, prompted by Commander Zero's post from last month. I too would like to find a good pair of Danners but have had no luck so far as it seems that Cabela's is just not stocking the boot I want anymore - they carry it online but in a limited number of sizes. Anyhow, I will track down a pair one way or the other.

Added an advertiser to the site - The Ready Store. They contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to participate[pate in their affiliate program - I get a 10% kickback if you buy something - so I added their gadget to my page. After watching what is going on in Haiti and thinking back to Katrina, that should be a kick in the pants to stock up a little, I know I am. Heading to Costco later to stock up on water and some other things they carry and will also be checking out the Ready Store selection.

Ok, Vikes have this wrapped up, so I am going to get this wrapped up and head out.

I hope that everyone is safe and sound out there.