Stimulating, like a Cold Shower

Washingtonians can sleep easy tonight. The $2.117,954,423.00 in stimulus money handed out to recipients in Washington state has “created or saved” 2909.25 jobs which works out to over $728,000 per job. Awesome!

Source: Recovery.gov site

I am guessing that their data is incorrect or maybe, and even worse, it is correct and if so, we are totally screwed. For example, a company called Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc., south of Chehalis got $1,221,918 government bucks and “created or saved” 0 (zero) jobs. A bunch called Earthcorps just west of Ashford out in the sticks got $37,000 and indicate that they “created or saved” 20 jobs – that is more like it.

Even better yet, it appears that $6,449,786,887 bucks have been handed out according to the Agency Reported doo-dad – what happened to the other $4.2 billion?

As someone more famous than me says “We are in the very best of hands”



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Like this surprised anyone...

(This is supposed to be a picture of Olympia Snowe looking all serious and concerned and important..)

Wow, she broke with the party….