Government Health Care

Still at work but have been monitoring various Twitter feeds from NRO, Instapundit and others regarding The One’s speech and I have a question that I have not heard addressed by anyone.

There was some hoopla a couple of weeks ago regarding abortion and if ObamaCare would cover it and that meant that our tax dollars would be used to fund something a lot of folks find offensive both religiously and morally. Last I heard on that was that Federal dollars wouldn’t be spent on abortions.

Anyhow, the question I have is for the folks out there who go totally batshit crazy when there is any inkling of any smidge of a tiny notion that the federal government is going to have any control or influence over what people do with their own bodies.

Where is the outrage and the flying spittle and the incredulous, apoplectic tantrums and screaming and concern over the fact that once Government Healthcare is in place, that the Government will be in charge of your body? Sure, your Mr. Friendly is in the Whitehouse for the next 3 years or so, but what would happen if he gets kicked to the curb and some holy roller ex-Baptist minister gets elected? Will you still be all kumbay-yahhing over government health care then and letting the government decide how and what you do to your body? Um, yeah, I didn’t think so.

I have enough problems as it is without the government telling me how to live and what to eat and if I qualify for one surgery or the other. In the government’s eyes, I am sure I qualify as a clunker and I don’t want them involved with my health or well-being in any way.


Swine Flu

Joe’s daughter Kim has the Swine Flu. Pray that she feels better and recovers quickly.