Joe Huffman always has good stuff to pass along and today, I point you to “Did we just win?” on The View From North Central Idaho.


Another great post you need to read, absorb, act upon and pass along is over at Brigid’s “Home on the Range” Home Security – Something all Families Should Read.  Some of the things she talks about should scare the crap out of you as it did me.  I am a big guy with enough firepower close to hand that I hope I could handle someone trying to come in through my front door by force but what if I am not home and the gals are there by themselves?  Have we talked about what to do, where to go and how to handle a situation like that?  After reading this post, and contemplating the potential threats the answer is NO so I have lots of work to do and some things I am responsible for that I need to handle.  Brigid brings up some very unpleasant things we all need to think about and prepare for so I urge you to read it and print it out and pass it on to those you care for.


Side note:  Started reading Robert Ferrigno’s latest in the ‘Assassin’ series – “Heart of the Assassin” and it is damn good so far.  I knew it would be good when the first page of the book features a quote from our own Bill Whittle.