Tea Party

Stopped by the Olympia Tea Party today by Capitol Lake. LOTS of people there and some great speeches and great signs. I overheard an Olympia Bike Patrol officer mention that they estimate that there were around a thousand people there today.

Supposed to be an even bigger event next weekend which I will attend and I will definitely take some pics.




A good reminder from Joe over at The View From North Central Idaho to buy your knives while you can! Got Dad another one of those slick Ken Onion Kershaw knives for Father’s Day and reckon I will pick up one for myself on payday.

More info on the knife ban situation over at Michael Bane’s blog. Basically, they (Customs and Border Protection) want to ban any knife that can be opened with one hand – how many knives on top your dresser or in your pocket meet that criteria? All of them? All of mine do.

Act now while you still can.