Brigid has a great post up over at her place on getting started with reloading - You Can't Have Too Many Tools - A Beginner's Foray Into Reloading. I have been collecting bits of pieces of equipment over the years - just some basic stuff - and have been eyeballing the Dillon presses for quite some time. Her post was a good kick in the butt for me to just start with the basic tools and get started!

Commander Zero has some good posts over at his place too on getting started with reloading. In particular, this post on the Minimalist Kit is a great read and some damn good advice.

I have reloaded quite a bit of shot shells over the years and need to get started reloading 45 ACP, 45 LC, 223, and 308.




I have become a big fan of toddy-style coffee.  It is cold brewed for 24 hours and tastes fantastic.  It seems like it should be pretty simple to make at home and I am going to try it this weekend with the coffee press. 
I am going to just load up the press with coffee, fill it with water, stir the concoction and put it in the icebox for 24 hours.  Should be able to take it out the next day, press the grounds out, pour over ice or into another container for storage and I will be all set. 
The local bakery has been doing this recently and it is great on a hot day.  Talk about a good cup of coffee - it tastes the way you always hope coffee would taste.  The resulting coffee is supposed to have more caffeine and is less acidic than hot brewed coffee.
They make fancy gadgets to do it at home but I think the coffee press will work just fine.


Getting ready for the weekend here.  With the 4-10's work schedule, it is definitely nice to have three days to rest and relax before doing it all again next week although I spend about two of the three days off working my other job!
On the agenda this weekend is an end-of-school-year BBQ for B's daughter L tomorrow at the elementary and that should be enjoyable.  I am still amazed at the high level of math, reading and other subjects they teach in kindergarten now.  L is whip smart for a 6 year old and is going to be a real handful as she gets older.  Summer camp and soccer starts next week for her and she is looking forward to that.
Our softball game last night was great - everyone played hard and had fun and we chalked up another one for the win column.  We have two games next week with one of them being a rain-out make-up game.
Busy with various things at work, primarily focusing on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project at the moment.  Couple of other projects going on also, but the CRM is my main focus at the moment.
Ok - had this post queued up last night to go out Thursday so I hope this works!
Take care.