Free NRA Membership

Got a note from my old gun pimp Bob with a link to the free NRA membership page. Sign yourself up or sign up a family member or pass it along to a buddy.

Click here: Free NRA Membership



Made the rounds today to Cabela's and the Sportsman's Warehouse and there is hardly any ammo to be found in popular calibers. Cabelas has a couple of pallets of Wolf steel case 223 at a relatively decent price and lots of 20 round boxes at $10.99 a box but there was no 45 ACP, 3 boxes of 9mm, and the only .22 ammo they had was a couple of boxes of CB.

I looked for some 38 Super for James over at The Next Chapter - none to be found. Cabela's had a few boxes of Winchester 7.62 x 51 and that was about all that was interesting to me so I picked up a few at $16.99/box. (just found it cheaper on the Cabela's website -doh!)
I was also looking for a box or two of 7x57 Mauser - zilch at Cabela's but I did find one box at Sportsman's Warehouse which I grabbed too.

Beautiful day here and the weather for the weekend looks to be great too. We are headed out to the beach tomorrow for a quick road trip - probably going to Westport.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.