Camped out at a local coffee shop with WiFi studying for a certification test I am taking Monday afternoon. Of course, outside it is 70 + degrees, sunny, blue skies and absolutely perfect. Well, getting this certification will be worth it and will open up some opportunities for me.

Have been enjoying reading the 2A Blog Bash website and hearing about all the goings-on at the NRA Convention. I went to one of those years ago with Dad when it was in KC at the old convention center downtown and even then, 30 + years ago, I had a great time.

Ok, back to studying for me....



New Ruger SR-556

Pics and announcement over at Snowflakes in Hell – I have been extremely happy with the Rugers I have owned and shot over the years and I will be getting at least one of these.

Update: Tam has some good points over at her site regarding Ruger and the company being more than a little late to the EBR party. Part of my enthusiasm for the Ruger is that my gun pimp buys through Davidson's and besides getting a hell of a good deal on them through the pimp, Davidson's stands behind what they sell. Cheesy Tapco stuff would come off, replaced by one of the many Magpul sets in the closet, keep the Troy goodies, etc. Troy Industries must be happy - their stuff comes on a S&W AR and now the Ruger.


2nd Amendment Blog Bash

Lots of folks at the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash in Phoenix in conjunction with the NRA Convention.  There is a group site up so you can follow along and see what the fuss is about.  Found the link via Tam.  Should be a lot of fun to follow along.




The Road

Found via Notes from the Bunker - the trailer for "The Road" based on Cormac McCarthy's book.

I really enjoyed the book - some elements were a little, mm, creative, but like Commander Zero, I will go see the movie.



Harrison Bergeron

I saw a link on NRO this morning about Vonnegut and his short story “Harrison Bergeron” and it brought back memories of reading it in high school. Apparently, they have made a movie and it is showing at the Seattle International Film Festival in a couple of weeks.

Here is a link to the short story for your reading pleasure: Harrison Bergeron

Do they even let kids read stuff like this anymore or is it considered “extremist literature”?



Tilt Shift

Last fall, I came across an article on Gizmodo on Keith Loutit and his absolutely amazing videos taken using the tilt-shift method. The effect of the images with the limited depth of field is one that you have to experience yourself - it is absolutely mesmerizing as it makes normal, every day things look like miniatures. Loutit has his videos up on Vimeo and you can watch them over and over and over and I have - my favorites so far are Metal Heart and Bathtub IV - go full screen if you can and make sure your sound is on.

So, the other day, and I am not sure if I saw it on a web site or mentioned in an article or what, I came across a website that lets you upload your own still photos and apply that same effect. I have spent waaaaay too much time over the past couple of days trying it out on various images, but I thought it was pretty damn cool and thought I better share! Enjoy!
Go check out TiltShiftMaker.com (and check out the gallery - lots of cool stuff)

Planting Time

Frank W. James has a great post up over at his place on Corn Planting 101 – good stuff.


He has been chomping at the bit the past couple of weeks to get his corn in the ground and the weather has not been cooperating.  Great information and pics for those that want to know where the food on their tables comes from.  It requires a lot of hard work and patience.